It’s All About Immunity

A little self care goes a long way.

We’re living in a world we have not experienced before where new information and practices are challenging our minds & bodies daily. This means that we also have to learn new ways to keep our health in great shape and improve our immunity to help us both avoid and recover from the virus. Beefing up your immune system is the key to keeping you safe. And fear and worry are the biggest enemies of the immune system.

The good news is, there are simple ways to reset and soothe your nervous system, truly care for yourself and stay on top of your game.

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Below is a nutshell plan for powering up your health and immunity. Please note: Following this plan will result in side effects—like increased energy, clearer thinking, a happier outlook and a highly functioning body.

  1. Let nature be your medicine. Walking barefoot on the earth (earthing) is a scientifically proven way to improve health & vitality. In a short amount of time earthing boosts feelings of wellbeing, lowers cortisol (your body’s main stress hormone), decreases, and boosts the ability of your cells to fight off infection. Sit with your bare feet and/or hands-on the earth for 20 minutes a day. We live in an area filled with forest, waterways, grass, flowers, fresh air, rich earth, and blue sky. Go out and fill your senses. Breathe, observe, feel, smell, amble through a forest and just listen.
  2. Feed your head with goodness. You are what you consume. So stay away from books, music, shows and people that sensationalize bad situations, promoting fear and anxiety. What you feed your head actually creates your view of society and your world. Spend your time with people and things that make you laugh or that carry messages of grace, compassion & human potential. Surround yourself with trusting, positive people who always manage to see the good things in life. Your adrenal system will reward you by replacing fear, worry and anxiety with peace, calm and a feeling of overall well-being. And your overall view of your life and the world will change dramatically—for the better!
  3. Show kindness and compassion to yourself and others. Service to others elevates life energy—the very best defense against any negativity, real or imagined. Sometimes the person we judge most harshly or fail to hear cries of help from is ourself. Listen to what your body—and your head—needs. Stop and pay attention to symptoms of fear, worry or anxiety, and then practice the steps mentioned here. Just a few moments of silencing the mind, massaging the body or being in nature works wonders.
  4. Do the “HeartMath.” Heart-focused breathing is about directing your attention to the heart area and breathing a little more deeply than usual. HeartMath has been able to stop panic and anxiety attacks within 5 minutes. You can download the HeartMath app to really work this magic into your life.
  5. Finish with a cold shower. Take a warm relaxing shower, and make it a mindful shower by just focusing on the water relaxing your muscles and body, washing all your worries and stress down the drain. Finish it off with a cool rinse. Cold water stimulates your immune system and activates the vagus nerve, which reduces your stress response. The vagus nerve connects the brain and digestive tract, and a healthy digestive tract is essential to your overall health.
  6. Make friends with the mask. Choose a mask you love and that reflects your inner self. Let your eyes smile. Avoid touching your eyes, nose mouth and mask. Wash your hands before and after taking off your mask. Wash your face thoroughly and avoid wearing make-up under your mask. Wash your mask and pillowcases regularly and dry on high heat or in the sunshine. If you find yourself having trouble, here is a great resource:

We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves on this new situation in order to stay safe and keep our friends, families and community safe. If you start practicing these six steps, you will be amazed at how your health and your worldview changes. If you want to take it further, you can share this with friends and family, and also consider researching some of the concepts discussed here in more detail, like earthing and HeartMath.

Here's to developing some easy practices that lead you to a strong immune system and a healthier, happier life!  - Kyra Russell