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Old Edwards Fitness Classes at Home

Join some of your favorite Old Edwards Fitness Instructors online as we help you stay connected with yourself through breathing and meditation techniques, restorative yoga sessions and strength training! 

Week of 5/25

Gentle Yoga with Christopher Baxter | 50 minutes 

A slower based series of gentle and easy poses to get the body moving and release built up tension from our modern lifestyles.

Week of 5/11

Happy Back Yoga with Erica Burt | 60 minutes 

Breathe, relax, rejuvenate; a perfect class for anyone who has chronic back pain or an outstanding injury. Safely stretch what is tight, strengthen what is weak and allow your body to perform everyday activities with more ease, less tension and renewed breath/body awareness.

Week of 5/4

Immune Boosting Practice with Thomas Taulbee | 50 minutes 

This 50 minute practice focuses on building a stronger, more vibrant immune system. Tap into your lymphatic system while stimulating areas of lymph nodes within the body. Props suggested: block, therapy ball (tennis or golf balls will work) and a blanket or towel. Enjoy and have fun!

Torso & Hips with Christopher Baxter | 13 minutes 

This Sky Styx for Golf & Daily Life practice will stretch and strengthen the back, torso, and hips. If you do not have a Sky Styx, a hiking stick or a broomstick (with the end cut off) can be used instead. To your health!

Seated Yoga Practice with Erica Burt | 30 minutes 

This 30 minute easy yoga flow for beginners is intended to stretch and relax your entire body. Moving through gentle postures, this class is intended for anyone that is looking for a peaceful and relaxing way to end or start their day.

Week of 4/27

Restorative Movement Flow with Autumn Lucas | 30 minutes 

This quiet, restorative class will give you the relaxation you need. This is a perfect yoga class to do after a long day. Remember, breathing is a very important factor in yoga so throughout this entire practice make sure you're taking deep breaths in and long slow exhales out. This yoga class is great for beginners or anyone that is looking for something very gentle on the body.


Dynamic Yoga, Deep Release: Standing Series with Christopher Baxter | 70 minutes 

In a dynamic 70 minutes, you can easily strengthen and lengthen your core, mobilize fascia, improve posture, rebalance glands and organs, move all joints, find better balance, relax and energize your nervous system. Explore 18 positions integrating intuitive movement with precise, anatomical techniques in: Mountain, Goddess, Warrior I, Warrior II, Low Lunge, Triangle, Rotated Triangle, Lateral Angle, Rotated Lateral Angle, Bowing Goddess, Rotated Pyramid, Back Bend, Rotated Back Bend, Tree, Warrior III, Balancing Half Moon, Dancer, Temple Dancer. 

All Levels Shoulder Release with Thomas Taulbee | 50 minutes 

Release All Your Stress In 50 Minutes: This practice for upper body is going to be fully targeted on releasing tension and stiffness in your shoulders, using yin yoga poses to release upper body soreness & stiffness for the physical body, and emotional and mental stress that you may be holding deep within. We will move gently and slowly through each yoga posture.

Week of 4/20

Balance & Strength with Thomas Taulbee | 60 minutes

This 60 minute yoga practice inspired by students is the perfect way to improve your balance and build strength, for next level flexibility.

Dynamic Yoga, Deep Release: Floor Series with Christopher Baxter | 60 minutes

Strengthen, lengthen and relax in 60 minutes, assisted by the gentle leverage of a Sky Styx wooden staff. Safely decompress the core of your body, lengthen and move the fascia, align your spine, detoxify organs and glands, mobilize the joints, balance your emotions and relax the nervous system all without strain, pain and striving. Experience 14 yoga positions in a fresh, fun surprising new way: KNEELING: Gate, Half Circle, Camel. SEATED: Bound Angle, Head to Knee, Forward Fold, Spinal Twist, Boat, Easy Pose. SUPINE: Star, Half Moon, Bridge, Baby Styx, Baby Long Legs.  

Happy Back with Erica Burt | 50 minutes

Happy Back Yoga is designed especially for clients who suffer from back pain and other injuries. Combining breath and meditation techniques with yin/restorative yoga and somatic healing movements, release stored tension and tightness in the connective tissue of the body, while incorporating body awareness to heal physical, spiritual and emotional pain.