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Bourbon Heritage Month
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Bourbon Heritage Month

Celebrate America's Native Spirit

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September 1 - 30 September 1, 2021 September 30, 2021 Old Edwards Hospitality Group

The history of bourbon is interwoven with the history of the country, from the first settlers of Kentucky in the 1700s to modern-day distillers looking to put their own spin on America's Native Spirit. Old Edwards is joining the celebration this year with over 20 bourbons available at bars across property, a bourbon-centric cocktail swap with the Garden & Gun Club of Atlanta, and even our own cocktail-inspired candle by Wixology Candle Company. Visitors can try an Old Edwards' Pomegranate Spritz or Appalachian Lemonade—now being served at Garden &Gun's bars— or give Garden & Gun's Paper Plane cocktail a spin.     

 Pomegranate Spritz    Appalachian Lemonade for G&G    Garden & Gun Club Logo      Paper Plan Cocktail

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