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Garden to Glass: A Gather & Sip Cocktail Experience
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Garden to Glass: A Gather & Sip Cocktail Experience

At Half-Mile Farm

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Weekly, June 26 - August 28, 2023 June 26, 2023 August 28, 2023 Old Edwards Hospitality Group

Exclusive experiences for guests staying at Half-Mile Farm

NEW at Half-Mile Farm this summer, connect your hands (and your feet if you wish!) to the bountiful energy of the earth and experience the gratifying feeling of sipping creations co-crafted with Mother Nature. Each Monday from 3 - 4:30 pm a small group of guests are invited to spend time meandering into the garden to smell, taste, muse, and gather herbs for your own cocktails/mocktails to be crafted afterward in J. Henry Farmhouse Tavern. Plant healer, flower whisperer, and garden designer Debbie Delany (aka "Flora") will host your garden immersion and then escort you to J. Henry Farmhouse Tavern where guest-favorite Bar Manager Audrey Porterfield will demonstrate the art of crafting botanical cocktails incorporating exquisite edibles like herbs, flowers, herbed ice cubes, syrups and more. You'll sip, swirl, savor, and swoon, tasting several crafted cocktails, and then enjoy a full one at your leisure. The herb gathering basket is yours to keep, along with cocktail recipes, your hand-harvested herbs, and a potted seedling to inspire your own garden-to-glass experience at home.

$125 per person includes class, gathering basket, a cocktail recipe card, and potted herb.


Debbie was born in London and grew up in the west country of England and has considered NC her home for the past 28 years. She’s always been creative. As an artist, a painter, a gardener, she’s seen beauty in every place she's ever lived. She describes her daily life now as a “mixed media collage.” She grows herbs and flowers at home for her small business Romany Botanicals, where she creates flower essences and herbal elixirs. She’s an artist in all her endeavors and the garden is a way of expressing her love for all that grows. At Half-Mile Farm, she designed and created what she calls an "Inspiration Garden,"  a place where herbs, food and flowers grow together. It’s magical and alive with butterflies and bees. 


In her youth, Audrey skated with the Cape Fear roller girls for five years, now she doesn't let the grass grow under her feet, pun intended, as she's an avid gardener, using her skills to craft delicious botanical syrups and bitters. She is an award-winning nature photographer, capturing glorious photos on walks with her dogs. Audrey has a love of the arts and music, not just listening to it but playing it: she is a percussionist and is learning to play the upright bass.

To book the Garden to Glass experience, call 828.526.0920.
Garden to Glass classes are limited to six in-house guests per Monday. Reservations are required and a waitlist will be kept. Please call Half-Mile Farm 24 hours in advance should you need to cancel to avoid a charge for the full price of the class.

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