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Elizabeth Locke Jewelry Showcase
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Elizabeth Locke Jewelry Showcase

Acorns Highlands | June 21-23

A Gold And Purple Necklace

June 21 - 23, 2024 June 21, 2024 June 23, 2024 Old Edwards Hospitality Group

Elizabeth Locke draws on a lifelong fascination with the antique jewelry of the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans as she creates her own neo-classical hand-made 19k gold jewelry. She selects every stone and designs every piece herself. While many covet the luminescent stones or the Venetian glass intaglios in her designs, Elizabeth's deepest passion is for one-of-a-kind antiquities: 19th-century micromosaics and pietra duras, 18-century Chinese gambling counters, Essex crystals, miniature paintings or antique Japanese porcelain buttons.

The sec for the perfect bit of history to incorporate into her designs takes Elizabeth flying around the globe to European markets, antique shows, and auctions in what she terms the "continual treasure hunt." The antique porcelain button turns into a pendant or brooch, and the 2,000-year-old coin transforms into a ring or cufflinks, continuing Elizabeth's artistic vision and the craftsmanship of 35 Thai goldsmiths dedicated to bringing her designs to life using centuries-old goldsmithing techniques.

Elizabeth's love of the classics began at age 11, when her father took her to Italy for the first time. The graceful goddesses, sphinxes, and caryatids enchanted her. Elizabeth vowed to learn to speak Italian and move to Italy - both promises that she kept as she received a graduate degree in Italian literature from the University of Florence, then spent years running her first business in Italy.

After moving back to the United States, Elizabeth worked as a contributing editor for "Town and Country" magazine. A story on shopping in Bangkok turned out to be a life-altering event and eventually led her to a degree in gemology and her life's vocation. She began Elizabeth Locke Jewels in 1988, relying on her experiences abroad and fueled by her visual sensibility. The business took off, thanks to her blend of entrepreneurial spirit and artistry.

Today, Elizabeth Locke Jewels has two flagship stores: One in Manhattan and another in Boyce, Virginia. Elizabeth's jewelry also is available through Neiman Marcus and select independent boutiques across the country.

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