Fresh Take on a Refreshing Mimosa

As flowers blossom, so do the flavors in our favorite Half-Mile Farm cocktail, the mimosa. Here are our very own bar manager, Ryan Henry's, #Innsider tips on creating a fresh take on a refreshing mimosa at home.

While oranges are the classic fruit of choice for mimosas, he recommends mixing things up with other fresh fruits — blood oranges and grapefruits are delicious substitutions. While not technically a mimosa, topping cranberry juice over your favorite bubbly creates a refreshing Poinsettia and swapping OJ and Champagne for peach puree and Prosecco creates a Bellini. For a more spirit-heavy cocktail, combine gin, Champagne, lemon juice and sugar to create a French 75.

The key to the perfect ratio, whether it's a classic mimosa or one of its refreshing counterparts, is using one ounce of juice and filling the rest of the flute with your choice of bubbles. Get creative and have fun with your brunch cocktail — we'd love to see how you use our #Innsider tips for your next refreshing spring drink. Cheers!

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