Meet Chef Jason Tardo

Jason's career in food service began in 1995, working in hotels, private clubs and an independent restaurant, as well as food service sales and distribution. Jason has been delighting the taste buds of Half-Mile Farm guests since 2008. He enjoys mixing up the offerings and keeping it fresh by discovering new artisans and farmers in the area. He says he loves working at Half-Mile Farm because it is a very special place, come stay with us and see for yourself! And he enjoys working with local farmers to bring the best of regional products to our guests. Jason's inspiration comes from classic dishes with a twist on ingredients he hasn’t worked with before, and he really enjoys classic cooking methods. Jason is 50% Sicilian and 50% Italian. His middle brother was formerly a chef and appeared on the Food Network show Chopped.

Through the annual Old Edwards Chef Dinner series, Jason hosts popular southern chefs for special dinners at Half-Mile Farm, including Kevin Johnson, Todd Richards and Sue Zemanick. He says, "I really love working with these different chefs because we share ideas, and it helps me continue to expand my inspiration and stay on top of trends and techniques.”

In his spare time, Jason volunteers as a firefighter and medical responder, proudly serving the community of people he loves so much.

Try Jason's recipes yourself by picking up a copy of the Favorites from Half-Mile Farm Cookbook.