Breathe Life Into Your Home with Fresh Flowers

At #HalfMileFarm, we love bringing a sense of the outdoors, in. Whether that's through floral arrangements in unexpected places or rustic wood touches, here are our #Innsider ideas on how to breathe life into your home with fresh flowers.

1. Place flowers at eye level. Use hanging planters, wall baskets and shelves to add a fresh element to your decor. You can also create wall art by arranging potted flowers on mounted wooden boxes! This is a great way to incorporate flowers when you don't have a lot of floor space to work with.

2. Add fresh flowers to your kitchen and bathroom. This makes the spaces more inviting, and brings in a pop of color and fragrance in place of the typical choice of candles.

3. Incorporate floral arrangements both large and small. Go bold by using a larger set of fresh flowers to anchor a room, and a smaller bouquet as a bookend.

4. Create dynamic visuals in your home by using an array of colors and textures. Try weaving succulents and small branches in with your floral displays.

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